How to play

PepeMiner is a browsed based blockchain game! You can play it on desktop or mobile as long as you can use metamask or trustwallet!

  1. Sign in with your Wallet Login with your metamask/trustwallet at our website

  2. Purchase $PEPEMINER tokens A miner costs 20,000 $PEPEMINER tokens, so for you to play the game you need to have atleast that amount of tokens in your wallet.

  3. Get your miners Get your first miner by going to the tavern in the dapp and purhchase a miner.

  4. Reveal your miner When you have purchased a miner, you need to reveal what level the miner is, from 1-6. Where 6 is the best and have a 6 day ROI on the miner cost.

  5. Go to the mine To earn with your miners, you need to make sure they are all working - to do so you need to go to the Mines within the dapp. Where you can se all your miners doing the work.

  6. Withdraw rewards When you have earned enough - you can simple request a withdrawal of the collected tokens that instantly gets sent to your wallet. This costs 0.01 ETH to cover fees, so make sure you have collected enough.

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